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Hardware is an essential part to every exhaust system, however, it is often overlooked by most companies. A person usually finds out how essential hardware is after his or her car is on jack stands , they are elbow deep in grease and don't have the right part to finish the job. Gardner Exhaust has been that person, that is why we do all the research for you so all you have to do is put the system in. All the correct hardware can and will be provided for you. Pictured below is a sample of this hardware.


All the flanges pictured below other than the cast GTO flangs are NOS flanges made by the original manufacturer. In most cases we are the only company to offer them. We have taken the liberty to include one raw steel flange and one ceramic coated concours flange in the picture. All flanges other than the cast GTO flange will be included with the base price of one of our systems. The cast GTO flanges are optional at the time of purchase.

GM Big Block Flange   GM Small Block Flange   Mopar 383 and 440 Flange
1964 -1967 GTO Driver Side Flange (Holes are For Clutch Return Spring)
  1964 - 1967 GTO Passenger Side Flange  

1968 - 1972 GTO Std. and 1967 - 1974 Firebird Std. Duty Flange

Pontiac HO 2 Bolt Flange   Pontiac HO 3 Bolt Flange   1965 - 1966 Buick Flange
1967 - 1972 Buick GS Flange   1966 - 1970 Hemi Flange   1965 -1972 442 Flange
    2" Oldsmobile Flange  


The clamps pictured below are the best available reproduction for the applications we offer, in some cases we are the only company to offer these clamps

Camaro and Nova Clamp

GM Clamp
  Corvette Guillotine Clamp
Corvette Flattened U-bolt Clamp (Guillotine Style)  
Corvette Flatttened U - Bolt Clamp ( Open Face Style)
Q- Clamp
Mopar Clamp


We do a great deal of research with our systems to make sure each system we build comes with the correct fastners so our customer need not be concerned with running down to the hardware store to get some kind of a makeshift screw. The fasteners below are available with our kits. In most cases we provide not only the correct size screw but the correct head marking as well. The majority of these fasteners come standard with our kit. The picture below is only a sample of the different screws, bolts, studs nuts, and washers we provide with our products.

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