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1971 Camaro Exhaust System 1971 Camaro Exhaust System
1971 Camaro Small and big block exhaust system kit comes with the following: Correct 2 1/4" head pipes with flats and wrinkles, correct flanges, extensions, donuts, correct 2 1/4" over the axle pipes with wrinkles in all but first bend because that is the way the General did it. Correct transverse muffler with flats on top as original, correct 2" tail pipes with correct angle cut and correct bracket welded on. The chrome tail pipes on the 1971 Camaro were chrome plated half way for a portion of the year and then the entire tail pipe was chromed. Our pipes are entirely chrome plated. This kit comes with guillotine style clamps for attaching the components although the purist may want to weld it as original. Heat risers and stud kits are available as well as all the correct hangers. Ask about our concours show pkg. for those who look as raw steel as second best.
1971 Camaro Kit
1970 -73 Camaro Z/28 Head Pipes Next to Originals


1970-1973 Camaro Muffler Hanger:
These hangers are
one of only a few pieces we offer that are not one of our reproduction pieces. We have always said that it is not necesarry to reproduce a piece if it is being made properly. Both this muffler hanger and the tail pipe hangers are excellent reproduction pieces, we know this because we helped in the reproduction process by lending out our originals. This hanger comes zinc plated to aid in logevity
1970-1974 Camaro Tail Pipe Hangers:
These hangesr are a very nice reproduction of the original and come with the correct screws to help hang the tail pipe properly. They come zinc plated to aid in longevity.

1971- Camaro Tail Pipe: This tail pipe is a reproduction of the original. 1971 Camaros had a tail pipe like this that was partially chrome plated for a portion of the year and then they were chrome plated entirely. The tail pipes we have reproduced are the later of the two and were used up until 1973



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