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1969 Chevelle / SS Exhaust System Kits
The 1969 Chevelle had three different dual exhaust system when GM outfitted these muscle cars. The small block dual exhaust cars recieved 2 1/2" head pipes and 2" tail pipes GM accomplished this by swaging down the head pipes to 2" The 1969 SS with the big 396 saw 2 different and possibly 3 different systems for the 1969 model year. The 396 325 horsepower cars came standard with 2 1/2" head pipes and 2 1/4" tail pipes. Our reproduction exhaust system kit comes with correct head pipes with all correct flats and wrinkles, correct flanges, correct size mufflers logo deleted, muffler hangers, screws, correct tail pipes with sized end to accept chrome extensions, all correct GM clamps, correct extensions and donuts for head pipes, installation instructions and diagrams. Tail pipe hangers are available and unless you are lucky enough to have originals or NOS you will not have them as Gardner is the only company that makes them. These hangers accomplished two things they hung the system and clamped down on the extensions at the same time. Ask about are concours show pkg. for those of us who have to have it a little bit better than factory correct.







1969 Chevelle SS Chambered Exhaust System

This is the quintesential exhaust system of the Muscle Car Era. The chambered systems came standard on your 396 375, and 350 horsepower cars up until November 19th. of 1968 and than became an option until around April 20th of 1969 after which you coud not get this option unless perhaps it was a Canadian car. Our chambered systems have been reproduced from an original and come with the correct 2 1/2" head pipes with wrinkle bends and flats, correct extensions and donuts, big block flanges, correct 3" chamberd mufflers with corrct internals and crimps and correct 2" tail pipes with correct resonators welded on for chrome extensions.. Our kit comes standard with muffler hangers, all GM clamps, screws installation instructions diagrams and sealant. Our reproduction tail pipe hangers are available and unless you have original or NOS are not an option as Gardner is the only one who reproduces them. Ask about our concours show pkg. if factory correct is less important than cleanliness and longevity.This system is for those who would rather listen to the growl of the exhaust than the radio.






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