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1968 Corvette Small B lock HP and Big Block Manual Transmission Systems

The 1968 Corvete Exhaust systems for the small block high perfomrance and big block manual transmission cars both consisted of 2 1/2" front pipes and rear pipes" 2" outlet mufflers with chrome extensions.The small block system had a welded in 2" section on each of the front pipes the original Corvette pipes we have had wrinkle bends on the small blocks but not on the big blocks front pipes but wrinkles in the rear pipes for both systems so that is the way we build them. Our kits come 14 ga aluminized with the corect front pipes, correct flanges, extensions, donuts, sealant, guillotine clamps, mufflers, installation instructions and diagrams. Reproduction muffler hangers are available as well as heat riser and stud kit. Our system comes with flats in the rear pipes as original and guillotine clamps for center exhaust hanger but opened style clamps for tips. Ask about our concours show pkg. for the hobbiest who can't stand surface rust.


Some months ago I ordered a complete exhaust system for my 1968 Corvette Big Block and had it shipped to Corvettes and Performance Specialties in E. Amherst NY. They finished installing the system today and it fit perfectly.

Larry Lewis and Performance Specialties have been installing ill fitting , ill enginnered , worthless repro crap since 1973. I can assure you that when the words "Perfect Fit" emmanates from that shop it represents high praise for a job wll done. In the past I also bougth a complete system for my 1969 Nova big blockand it fit perfectly as wll.

I (We) appreciate your dedication to decent workmanship if the need arrises I will only use your exhaust systems and I believe you have a new customer in Corvettes and Performance Specialties


Donald Burr

1968 Corvette Big Block Manual Transmission Kit
1968 Corvette 427 Manual Transmission Restored By Jeff Aiello Equipped With Gardner Exhaust
1968 Corvette Big Block Left and Right Rear Pipes Next To Gardner Exhaust Copies


1964 - 1968 Corvette Flattened Top 2 1/2" Guillotine Clamp

These clamps are an essential part of any concourse corvette restoration project. This clamp seen here has been reproduced from the original in the picture. Our clamps come with all the correct nuts and lock washers. They are only available in raw steel for the Corvette Purist



1969 - 1972 Corvettte Muffler Hangers

The hangers we offer for this application are the correct GM replacement hangers. They come with the correct screws and attaching hardware. They can be compared to the orgiinals at the lower right of the the accompanying picture

1968 Corvette Exhaust Tips

These are the correct reproduction tips for the 1968 Corvette. The 1969 Corvette tip is similar but slightly different on the reduction length. We have reproduced both. Our tips are chrome plated and slit as original. This will add the finising touch to any 1968 Corvette exhaust system


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