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1967 GTO
The 1967 GTO could have been equipped with four different exhaust systems depending on the performance and transmission type. Std. Duty cars came standard with 2" head pipes and 2 1/4" tail pipes. The automatic cars had resonators on the tail pipes where as the manual transmission cars had 2 1/4" tail pipes that exited where the quarter panel met the bumper. HO cars recieved the same tail pipes but 2 1/4" head pipes for better performance. The mufflers were unequal length on all of these cars and the tail pipes on the automatic cars made use of a resonator with a 2" outlet and a double angle cut. 2" Stainless Steel exensions were an option on the automatic cars while the manual cars could have recieved 2 1/4" chrome extensions. Our reproduction exhaust systems come with the correct head pipes with correct flanges, correct unequal length mufflers, correct tail pipes and yes even the correct resonators once again available only from Gardner. Stainles steel and chrome tips are available as well as a concours show pkg. for the customer who wants their system to be a litle more real than real.

Ask about our Turbo Mufflers for those who want the system to look original but just have to have a little more noise!

1967 GTO Std. Duty Manual Transmission Kit
1967 Thom Mcann GTO Equipped With Gardner Exhaust System


1967 GTO Left and Right HO Head Pipes Next To Gardner Reproductions
1967 GTO Std Duty Right and Left Head Pipes Next To Gardner Reproductions
1967 GTO Automatic Right Tail Pipe with resonator Next To Gardner Reproduction
1967 GTO HO Automatic Equipped With Gardner Exhaust
1967 GTO Manual Transmission Left Tail Pipe Next To Gardner Reproduction

Bob Mallory's 1967 GTO With Manual Transmission tail pipes Equipped with Gardner Exhaust System. We were asked to post this picture so that people could finally see how a 67 GTO with manual tail pipes and chrome tips should look. So many cars are restored incorrectly with the tips coming straight out the back of the car that people believe it to be correct. It is not. This is absolutely correct and should you purchase one of thse systems from us it will come with the original factory diagrams proving the installation seen above is correct.



1966 - 1967 GTO Muffler Hangers

These hangers are correct for 1966 - 1967 GTO's the hangers originally had a small bulge to correspond to the bulge in the clamps that Pontiac used during the day. These clamps and hangers are an exclusive Gardner Exhaust reproduction and will put your GTO over the top in exhaust restoration correctness. The hanger pictured here comes zinc plated, and hand built with corded rubbers and button head rivets to simulate the original and are availble with any of our 1966 - 1967 GTO exhaust systems.


1966 - 1972 GTO Round Bottom Clamp

These clamps are absolutely correct for any 1966 to 1972 GTO restoration. There has never been a high quality reproduction of this clamp or the hanger above that corresponds to it. These clamps are a Gardner Exhaust exclusive reproduction they come zinc plated and are available with any of our Pontiac exhaust systems






1964 - 1969 GM A - Body Tail Pipe Hangers:

These hangers are a reproduction of the orginal hangers used on a good portion of the GM A - Body Muscle Cars. These are our handbuilt hangers with corded rubbers and our reproduction button head rivets and are for those who have to have it just the way the car came from the factory. The hangers pictured here are a Gardner Exhaust Exclusive Reproduction. A similar hanger comes standard with our kits along with the correct screws pictured here.


1966 GTO and 1967 GTO Automatic Tips

These tips were an option on any 1966 GTO and 1967 GTO Automatic Exhaust Systems. They come stainless steel. We believe the original may have been chrome plated with stainless underneath.They are not our reproduction but we have compared them with our original tips and are pleased to offer them with our 1966 and 1967 GTO exhaust systems.



1967 GTO Manual Transmission Chrome Tips

These tips were an option on the 1967 GTO Manual Transmission Cars. The end of the tail pipe was cut and this tip was added. This tip therefore when installed on a properly built exhaust system would exit where the quater panel meets the bumper and point down and out.


1964 - 1972 GM A - Body Retainer

These retainers were used on the GM A - Body Muscle cars on the muffler hangers. The attaching screw first went through this reatiner and then through the rubber. The reatainer functioned as a washer to protect the rubber on the hanger. Our retainers have been reproduced from the orginal in the picture and come zinc plated. They are a Gardner EXhaust exclusive reproduction and come standard with our concours show pkg. or can be optioned for with one of our entire systems.


2 1/4 " Strap Clamp

This strap clamp was used on many of the GM - A Body Muscle Cars. It was used to attach the tail pipes to the tail pipe hangers.. Our strap clamps have been reproduced from the orginal shown here and come zinc plated with the correct sheet metal screw. They come standard with our concours show pkg. or can be optioned with one of our entire systems.




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